How We Converted a PoC into a
Full Blown Product

About WellMi

The first cloud wellbeing product of its kind. Supporting employee physical and mental wellbeing on smartphones, desktops and smart watches. Mental and physical wellbeing support that isn’t defined by time zone, nationality or industry. This is a B2B product.

The Challenge

The client had the PoC built and was looking for a team that could convert it into a full blown product. The main requirements were improving the UI/UX, improving the apps for WatchOS so that those could be approved, and improving the security.

The Solution

Made the UI and content more dynamic to ensure engagement.

Given that the app will be used on a variety of devices, we adapted GraphQL to ensure great performance on all of the devices.

Improved performance of the app by making minor changes to the database design which resulted in faster data retrieval.

Built a recommendation engine to generate dynamic content based on user’s interactions.

As a result, we launched the new web and mobile applications that existing users can seamlessly start using and any new users can sign up and create their content effortlessly.

Key Results

Client is able to onboard 13 new clients within the first month of launching the new applications.
In the process of raising Series-A funding.

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