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This was a start up with a simple idea to connect owners and their lost pets through technology.

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About Project

An Ireland based startup owns a business (Waggi) that connects lost pets with their owners. The client sells QR code-based smart tags that can be purchased online. They are then registered online with the details of the pet and its owner. When someone chances upon the lost pet, the smart tag on it can be scanned to obtain owner’s details.
The business owner wanted an MVP that not only sells QR codes but also connects lost pets with their owners when users scan QR codes on the pets. As a long term strategy, the client wanted to develop this product into a social networking platform for pet owners.
We had to come up with an MVP strategy given the constraints associated with the startup - they wanted a prototype to pitch for investment at first. So, we had to provide a solution that can be implemented fast and in the most cost-effective way. Then, based on the feedback, we had to build a full-fledged web app.

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Process of Work

Finding Customer BaseData AnalysisAdaption of TechnologyIntegrating Mobile First Approach
Gather Analytics DataLocating Customer DemographicsDesign Decision

Our Solution

After studying the requirements, we came up with a solution that split the product into two separate platforms.
1. The first one was a Wordpress based e-commerce and marketing platform to sell smart tags. The purpose of this site is to attract visitors and convert them into customers. We used woocommerce and an off-the-shelf theme for a quick turn-around time at a minimal cost.
2. The second platform was a ReactJS based Webapp that customers can use to setup their smart tags and pet-profiles. The purpose of this platform is to connect lost pets with their owners when the QR codes on the smart tags are scanned. We chose MERN stack for building the Webapp as it offers the flexibility to scale the functionality quickly and supports hybrid mobile apps using React Native.

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  1. Wordpress-based marketing platform was launched in 21 days.
  2. Based on the prototype we provided, the startup successfully raised Series - A funding.
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