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Campus Oil 

is a subsidiary of the Stafford Group and is the largest supplier of oil direct to the customer in the eastern half of Ireland.

Web Development

Wordpress (custom theme)

Petroleum products

About Project

After establishing themselves as a leading B2C oil supplier in Ireland, Campus Oil turned to us for improving the order placing experience on their old website. We figured out, using the past data, that about 70% of all online orders were placed from mobiles. The situation demanded a new user experience with mobile-centric approach. Our task was to optimize the loading times on mobile phones while simultaneously improving the user experience in the overall process. In addition, we had to meticulously carry over SEO value of all pages to the new website.

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Process of Work

Finding Customer BaseData AnalysisAdaption of TechnologyIntegrating Mobile First Approach
Gather Analytics DataLocating Customer DemographicsDesign Decision

Our Solution

Before starting with web design process we needed to get a clear picture of where their main customer base is located. We started by gathering analytics data about their user base. While analysing this data, we learnt that this client has many users from remote locations in their country where the internet connectivity was not that great. So, to provide them with blazing fast website and pages in spite of the slow connectivity, we decided to adapt AMP for their website.
Since the focus is on website’s performance, we went with custom theme route which reduced dependencies on third-party software.This helped us a great deal in building a site where the order form was accessible above the fold across all devices with fewer images on the landing pages for mobile screens.

We used fewer photos on the order page to reduce the load time on mobile as well as web.

Breaking monotony with varied layouts

Using of white color help us create negative space on the page and also help us divert the attention of user to important sections.

Highlight important section with accent colors help us divert attention of users.

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AMP Metrics

  1. Increase in conversion ratio by more than 200%
    1. Average conversion ratio in June 2018 - 3.31%
    2. Average conversion ratio in May 2018 - 4.46%
    3. Average conversion ratio in June 2019 - 6.98%
    4. Average conversion ratio in May 2019 - 9.82%
  2. Overall page load time reduced by 65%
  3. Bounce rate decreased by 40%
  4. Overall increase in revenue from mobile users.
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