A Tour operator based in Europe

A Europe based tour provider.

Web Development (application migration to CMS)

Wordpress (custom build)


About Project

The client wanted

  • A way to manage the content on the website
  • A modern UI & UX for their old website.

Process of Work

Finding Customer BaseData AnalysisAdaption of TechnologyIntegrating Mobile First Approach
Gather Analytics DataLocating Customer DemographicsDesign Decision

Our solution

  • Built a solution that handles multiple requests for the client against each supplier system. The business rules engine determines the option parameters sent in each request. This allows large amounts of data to be gathered to support availability checks for multiple properties, or to drive additional search requests when too few tours are found for the user's exact search criteria.
  • For Tours, we provided a daily itinerary and complete tour package builder module

We used fewer photos on the order page to reduce the load time on mobile as well as web.

Breaking monotony with varied layouts

Using of white color help us create negative space on the page and also help us divert the attention of user to important sections.

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  1. One of the major players of travel with about 100,000 daily visitors to the website.
  2. Bounce rate decreased by 48 percent.
  3. Conversion rate on website increased by 31 percent.
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